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108 Matcha Saro originates from Asahikawa, Hokkaido. It was founded by a group of friends staying in the same building where they opened the first shop in 2013. They subsequently approached Yamamoto-san who used to work in the matcha dessert department of a high-end supermarket chain after relocating to Taiwan in 2005. He introduced the brand to Taiwan in 2014 and it became so popular with the Taiwanese, it’s now more well-known in Taiwan than Japan.

108 Matcha Saro ensures only quality ingredients and premium matcha dessert to be served. It is also a vegetarian friendly option and does not consist of pork, lard and alcohol which makes it suitable for people of different dietary needs and preferences to enjoy their wide range of sweet offerings.

Well-loved for its mouthwatering Obanyaki, Parfait, Warabi mochi and Soft Serve Ice-Cream cone, what sets 108 Matcha Saro apart from its peers is the authenticity and quality of its key ingredients.

108 Matcha Saro Products


A popular Japanese dessert made fresh daily and filled in generous amount of fillings. A perfect dessert after a meal or to satisfy a craving for a comforting snack


Our Matcha Green Tea is the finest quality of #Matcha powder from Uji Kyoto, Japan. Each Matcha products in 108 Matcha Saro is whisked to perfection, providing you with the best qualities and flavors

Warabi Mochi

WARABI MOCHI has a smooth and soft texture and is usually powdered with Matcha which gives you a balanced bittersweet after taste. Alternative powder flavors include soybean and black sesame .

Matcha Soft Serve Parfait

Get a taste of our signature Parfait - Matcha lovers' favorite! Enjoy White Mochi, Matcha Jelly, Matcha Warabi Mochi and Matcha Syrup all-in-one cup!

Mont Blanc Parfait

An awesome Matcha Mont Blanc Parfait! Crafted with 3 heavenly components; green Matcha Chestnut on top, creamy matcha soft serve in the middle, and a sweet surprise of brown sugar jelly at the bottom!

Daifuku Mochi

Three different flavours in Black Sesame, Kinako, and Matcha Powder, paired with the irresistible chewiness of red bean fillings.



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