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Brew relationships
over a good brew

Believing that meaningful friendships and conversations can
be forged over a good brew, TP Tea ensures a co-exist of
quality and aesthetics to continue the tradition
of relationship building over an aromatic cup of tea.

In 1987, Chun Shui Tang has changed the habits of people from drinking just a cup of tea to adding accessories to their iced tea - bubble pearls. The bubble milk tea has since become the national beverage in Taiwan and gained popularity worldwide. With the bubble tea drinking culture thriving, Manna 360 introduced TP Tea to Singapore with its offerings of high quality, handcrafted bubble tea beverages and bubble tea soft serve.

Inheriting craftsmanship from its parent company - the original creator of Chun Shui Tang, TP Tea as a sub brand places high emphasis on the quality of their products and ensuring each cup of tea drink is made to order. Established in 2005, TP Tea remains strong till today, as the They have now become a popular spot for people to grab a drink or soft serve to enjoy endless conversations over a satisfactory thirst-quenching experience.

“ TP TEA has utilized the and expertise in tea to select tea leaves of the for our consumers. In Chinese culture, we always have tea with friends therefore we want to provide the best tea for our customers; allowing them to converse over tea and bring about harmony. ”

TP Tea Best Sellers

TieGuanYin Tea Latte


Pearl Black Tea Latte w/ Red Bean


Lemon Premium Green Tea


Pearl Milk Tea


Other Series

Milk Tea Series


Original Tea Series


Flavoured Tea Series


Crème Tea Series


Tea Latte Series


Fruit Series



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